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CosMedix peels initiate the process, better known as metabolic peeling which stimulates healthy cell turnover by communicating to the cells’ receptor sites, not by simply blistering the skin. CosMedix chirally correct chemical peels achieves dramatic results without the irritation and consequent recovery time of a true chemical peel.

CosMedix chirally correct chemical peels are safe to be repeated regularly.


Benefit Peel Treatment Plan

Benefit Plus peel is a combination of vitamin C, vitamin A, potent pomegranate antioxidants, proteins and lactic acid. This peel lightly exfoliates the skin while infusing an extremely high concentrate of antioxidants, vitamins and proteins into the skin. Helps dull/ dehydrated skin, sun damaged, aging skins. Evens out, refines skin.

The treatment consists of face cleaning, facial exfoliating and skin preparation, benefit peel application, moisturising and soothing mask with mini-massage.

Benefit peel recommended to treat

  • Acne and acne scarring
  • Premature ageing and sun damage
  • Exceptional for sensitive skin

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Benefit Peel Summary

Benefit Peel treatment plan tailored to your individual skin type and condition, providing superior cosmetic results  with minimum downtime at affordable price.


Results Schedule Peel Cost Special Cost

  • Improved the skin's appearance
  • Ease many common skin disorders including acne and dryness
  • Stimulates collages & elastin synthesis
  • Antioxidant, stimulating, restores youthful appearance of skin
4 to 6 treatments monthly $199ea $179ea

For a maximum benefits we recommend a Meso Infusion treatment after the Benefit Peel to bring the nutrients and minerals into deepest layers of your skin


  • There is no real risk of peeling with this peel however it may occur for some
  • Flakiness, if occurs, starts on day 4-6 and lasts up to a week
  • High SPF sun block and sun avoidance is a must for 2 weeks post treatment
  • Gentle, soothing skin care products are recommended for 3 days post treatment

Benefit peel active ingredients

Highly concentrated peel with the added benefits of pure vitamin C, L-arbutin and AGP Complex and Antioxidant mix


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