Temporarily diminishes lines and puffiness

Eyesential + Mineral Powder Pack

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Actions: Eyesential is applied under make up & the non-penetrative lightweight formula works immediately by forming an invisible veil under the eye to transform you in an instant, making you look years younger and brighter for up to 10 hours

Purpose: Quick and temporary fix to the area around the eye. Not a permanent repair so it is actually classified as non-colour cosmetic rather that a treatment

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Product Description

Eyesential under eye enhancer is many A-List Celebrities magic skin care product. Eyesential is a non invasive treatment that will instantly reverse the signs of aging under the eye by getting rid of  crow’s feet & the dreaded dark eye area in minutes. The Eyesential works by applying a small amount around the eye area where a skin coloured texture is left on the skin giving a bright, even toned and young appearance. The skin must be clean, free of make up and dry to get the best results from using the Eyesential.

 It’s a cosmetic ‘quick fix’ that temporarily reduces fine lines – a great product at a great price!


1 x Eyesential 20ml + 1 x Uber Mineral Powder 10g

A high quality mineral powder, fantastic on its own but even better over Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer.


Care Instructions: Not Always Suitable For Highly Sensitive Skin


  • An effective and safe alternative to cosmetic surgery
  • Smooth lines, bags and wrinkles leaving you with fresher looking eyes in minutes
  • Applied before make-up, it works by forming an extremely fine and invisible film under the eye
  • It does not penetrate the skin, and although you do feel a firming sensation as the lotion dries, it doesn’t actually have any physical or pulling effects



To get the best our of your EYESENTIAL follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Cleanse the skin around the eye area thoroughly and rinse with water to make sure the skin is totally free from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, make-up and oily residue. Pat dry gently.
  2. Shake the flacon vigorously. Dispense a very small amount of lotion into the palm of the hand.
  3. Looking straight ahead apply the lotion with the tip of the middle finger under the eye working from the inner eye, following the eye contour and out toward the temple in a firm single stroke. 1 to 3 single applications may be applied, for the best results use as little as possible.
  4. Avoid any facial movement for two to three minutes or until the lotion has dried.
  5. During the drying process there will be a firming feeling and in some cases a tightening sensation, which will disappear after a short period of time.
  6. Once the Eyesential has dried Uber Mineral Powder make up may be applied very gently with a brush. Do not rub as this will ruin the effects of the product. Allow a period of 30 minutes before re-applying to re-balance the skin, then follow instructions 1-6 again
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