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Medik8: Redness Corrector (50ml)

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Actions:  Combines effective anti-redness treatment with instant coverage; Has 6 targeted modes of action;  Targets both acute and chronic inflammation

Purpose: Customers concerned with: rosacea, sensitivity, thread veins, broken capillaries, menopausal flushing; Customers wishing to have an instant results; Customers spending lots of time outdoors in rough weather conditions; Customers undergoing chemical peels, laser/ IPL treatments

Product Description

Formulated as a complete ‘anti-redness’ product with targeted 6 actions to instantly

  1. Reduces redness associated with  sensitivity or reactivity, rosacea, hormonal change, broken capillaries and thread veins
  2. Treats inflammation
  3. Prevents the appearance of future breakouts by reducing skin reactivity
  4. Reduces the burning sensation and skin discomfort associated with redness
  5. Provides instant coverage as mineral green pigments counterbalance the red discoloration
  6. Narrowing blood vessels to effectively reduces blood flow



It is designed for twice daily application. Best results are gained when applying morning & evening.
Use Redness Corrector after Medik8 serums and before a true broad spectrum sunscreen.
Precautions: External application only. Avoid contact with the eyes. In case the product enters eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. In case of any irritation or sensitive reaction, stop the application. If irritation persists, contact your skincare professional or GP. It should not be used on broken or irritated skin. Keep out of reach of children.


Active Ingredients

  1. Improve Skin’s Barrier Function: Alpha-Bisabolol & Vitamin E by minimising oxidant stress
  2. Targeted Immunosuppression: Bakuchiol & Aloe Vera to minimise reaction and enhancing healing
  3. Anti-Inflammation: Aloe Vera, Feverfew, Bakuchiol, Alpha-Bisabolol, Milk Thistle, White Tea, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-8, Octadecenedioic Acid to reduce release of inflammatory signals
  4. Vasoconstriction: Caffeine & Potassium Chloride to reduce blood flow to the skin
  5. Anti-Angiogenesis: Perfluorodecalin & Silymarin to minimise the formation of new blood vessels
  6. Instant Concealing: Green Mineral Pigments to give an instant result by neutralising the red colouration with green mineral
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