Medik8 DermaStamp

Medik8: Titanium Dermastamp

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Actions: Induces collagen synthesis by creating micro-punctures in the epidermis without compromising its integrity

Purpose: Convenient multipurpose device used for the treatment of various skin conditions such as wrinkles, scars, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, cellulite and stretch marks


Product Description

  • The precision engineered titanium needles penetrate the epidermis of the skin and provide penetration pathways to enhance the absorption and consequently, the power of the topically applied skincare product.
  • The extreme precision capabilities of the Titanium Dermastamp provide accuracy to ensure the targeted skin problem receives an intense dose of the active Medik8 formula
  • Specific scars and ageing concerns can be targeted to encourage rejuvenation of the skin site
  • Personal Medik8 Titanium Dermastamp models are also recommended for use in between clinical or medical Skin Needling treatments, usually set 2-3 months apart, and after the closure of the clinical/medical treatment programmes, to sustain skin regeneration results.

Notice: Use only a 0.2mm Titanium Dermastamp for areas around the eye due to the thin and delicate nature of the skin in this area.



To build up skin tolerance to skin needling, allow 3 day intervals between treatments for a minimum of 2 weeks. As your skin becomes adjusted to needling, gradually increase the frequency of use. Do not use more than once a day. If used more than once a day the Medik8 Titanium Dermastamp may cause excessive inflammation and even cause damage.

The process involves the following stages

  1. Sterilise the Medik8 Titanium DermaStamp with a sterilising solution and allow to dry before every use
  2. Cleanse face, neck and décolleté using a Medik8 oneCleanse or your preferred Medik8 foaming cleanser suitable for your skin type and pat skin dry.
  3. Using a constant, gentle rolling motion roll 10 times back and forth over the scar tissue and the surrounding skin.
  4. Apply Serum (various for skin condition)*
  5. Finish with Hydr8 Night
  6. Clean roller with hot water and return to case, dry


Active Ingredients*

  • Wrinkles: Vitamin C Serum (C-Tetra or CE-Tetra) followed by Medik8 Retinol
  • Eye wrinkles: Vitamin C Serum (C-Tetra or CE-Tetra) followed by Medik8 Retinol Eye
  • Scars: Vitamin C Serum (C-Tetra or CE-Tetra) followed by Medik8 Retinol
  • Pigmentation: White balance followed by Vitamin C Serum (C-Tetra or CE-Tetra)
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Additional Information

Needle size

0.2, 0.3


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