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Active Sindet


Large percentage of people have oily skins especially teenagers. Some adolescents manage to solve their skin problems, while others continue to have oily skins with added complications such as sebaceous secretions and acne.

The problem skin can be healed over time and with the help of good therapist and quality aesthetic care products.


Active Sindet

Actions: Cleanses - Purifies - Regulates
Purpose: Cleans the skin in-depth and purifies
Price: $45 
Skeyndor Oily skins Active sindet

  • Foaming, solid bar with a neutral to slightly acidic pH
  • Emollient and moisturising
  • Deodorising

Build up a foam in a bowl by mixing the tablet with water. Apply to damp skin using circular techniques until it spread all over the face. Work the product into the skin for a few minutes and then remove with plenty of water.

Tone the skin after the procedure.

Active Ingredients

  • Farnesol
  • Triclosan
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