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skeyndor corrective

SKEYNDOR Labs have created CORRECTIVE, the cosmetic treatment to remove wrinkles, even the deepest ones, and rejuvenates the facial expression, restoring the skin’s firm, youthful appearance… in just a few hours… Hard to believe, but its true!


  1. Skin’s own barrier to prevent topically applied substances entering skin
  2. The impossibility of applying the means used in aesthetic medicine to effectively overcome the barrier.

NOBEL PRIZE winning technology - virtual needle mesotherapy - also known as ELECTROPORATION - allows penetration of skin’s barrier delivering active ingredients directly to skin cells feeding, nourishing, re-building & restoring them!

Active Ingredients

  • Skin Filling: Hyaluronic Acid - spherical form few microns in size - reduces wrinkle appearance (12% after 6 hours), and depth & width of wrinkles (9.6% - 5.1%)
  • Tissue regenerator: Lavandula extract softens wrinkle contour (13%) & reduces wrinkle width (18%) | “Botuline-like” inhibitor - 5% on crows feet wrinkle depth
  • Skin Lifting Peptides: Reduce wrinkle depth 16.3% to 31.9% | “Viper venom” reduces wrinkle depth & softens wrinkle contour - 15% to 52%
  • Internal Tissue Re-densifiers: Natural extracts with a complementary mechanism to increase the thickness of the fatty tissue

Together, these natural substances provide powerful lifting, plumping and skin anti-ageing benefits.
Ongoing improvement is achieved with continued use.

Melbourne Facials recommends


Treatment Home use
 Corrective MesoScience
  • anti-wrinkle
  • more radiant skin
  • softer & finer texture
  • reduced expression lines
  • firmer skin

 All skin types

Corrective Treatment with "Viper Venom"
Price: $250 or 3 + 1 (Special Valid until end December)

corrective before and aftre
This is a treatment program consisting of four components
  • Wrinkle reducer peptide complex - muscle relaxing action skin lifting effect
  • Wrinkle filler infusing pad - to enhance active ingredients absorption and attachment to the skin
  • Wrinkle Filler Hyaluronic Concentrate - for filling effects on deep wrinkles
  • Pearl Regenerating Luxe Mask - to improve cell architecture and communication, and stimulates the tissue regeneration process


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