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SKIN Care regimen

Time is surely the most precious commodity we have, especially nowadays. However, no other resource probably brings as much returns as time invested in something as constructive and useful as self-care.

Skin care indeed deserves a niche spot in our daily care regimen. Protecting and nourishing our skin to the best of our capacity is the least we can do to retain the charm of the famous 'baby skin', as they say. This is specially applies to facial skin.

As against the contrary beliefs, skin care is not a matter of elaborate prices, spiralling costs and complicated concepts. It is all about knowing yourself, understanding your skin type and being sensitive to what suits you and your personality.

A little care, along with a bit of awareness and effort is bound to get you rich dividends tomorrow along with adding that perfect touch of charm to your persona.

A skin care regimen always follows a set of rules and guidelines designed to aid beauty care and help in the overall enhancement of the state of health.

The most rudimentary, effective and time-tested skin care regimen follows the
three essential steps of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

Facial care regimen

To begin with, the step of cleansing involves removal of make-up, dead skin cells, oil and dirt, along with various other pollutants from the skin. It considerably helps in unclogging pores and prevents skin conditions such as acne. When purchasing a cleanser, it is important that you ensure that the product doesn't carry any harsh ingredients or other chemicals that might not suit your specific type of skin.

Moving on, the step of exfoliation is carried out to rub off the dead skin cells, bringing to surface the freshest ones. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are the most common and successful methods of exfoliating. However, as in the case of cleansers, exfoliating preparations should be used with extreme precaution. Any harsh ingredient or action at this step can actually damage your skin to quite an extent.

The last step in a basic skin care regimen is to moisturise. The skin's basic health drink, a good quality moisturizer usually contains a lot of soothing and curative ingredients like lavender which have a highly nourishing impact on the skin.

 Experts also recommend that in case your individual lifestyle requires, you should choose a moisturizer with a higher SPF count. Also, it is important that you use a moisturizer only in accordance with your own skin type to prevent any adverse side effects.


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