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Skeyndor Aquatherm Line
sensitive eye make-up remover


Skeyndor Aquatherm Line skin products normalizes  and rebalances the epidermal metabolism.

Active ingredients of Aquatherm line assists the skin in restoring the barrier function to protect skin against damaging environmental effects.

Skeyndor Aquatherm Eye Makeup Remover contains pre-biotic oligasaccarides natural substances found in sugar. They stimulate the creation of beneficial cutaneous flora to rebalance the skin pH.

Eye Make-up Remover include pumpkin extract, rich in cucurbitite, an amino acid that reduces the reaction of sensitive skin when it is damaged.

Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover

Actions: Cleanses - Softens - Anti-Irritant
Extremely soft eye and lip cleanser
Price: $39

Skeyndor Aquatherm Eye Makeup Remover

  • Makeup remover fluid specific for the eyes.
  • Completely compatible with the ocular mucus hence the risk of the irritation minimal.
  • Reduces the reaction of sensitive skin.

Wet cotton wool pads with make-up remover. Then apply these pads to the eye and/or lip area and press gently to help the make-up dissolve. Then carefully slide the pads off the face to make sure all traces of mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and lipstick are removed

Active Ingredients

  • Witch hazel water
  • Pumpkin extract
  • Pre-biotic oligosaccharides
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